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The Newest Wedding Guestbook Idea

Weddings – from social media, to TV, to magazine advertisements, weddings are all around us! I often have the opportunity create for weddings through invitation and program design. But over the last few months I have been able to take part in a new way – wedding guestbooks!

One difficult aspect of working in the field of design is keeping up with the latest creative trends. Every maker has a different way of finding what their audience is looking for. Sometimes, you have to take a complete guess – you create a product and find out whether or not it’s a hit simply by the amount of sales you get. But in my short experience, the products in my shop that sell the best seem to be the ones that begin as custom requests – straight from the mind of my shoppers! What better way to find out what my audience is looking for than by hearing directly from them??

The most recent example of this has been a custom version of my perpetual calendar. Apparently, a new trend that I was unaware of until recently is a perpetual calendar wedding guestbook! Although I would never have thought of this before, I think it is a great way to collect the birthdays or anniversaries of your friends and family as you begin a new chapter of life.












I have had several lovely brides submit custom orders for this product, so I decided to listen to my audience and create a listing for a Wedding Guestbook Perpetual Calendar! Although these calendars did not need a lot of new designing, they needed a ton of formatting work! I felt like I spent days staring at lines, resizing, and editing, but they are finally complete!

These guestbooks are officially up in the shop! They are offered in three patterns and come in two different formats. I also provide a custom coloring option for those who wish to match their guest book to their wedding color scheme. If you know of a bride or groom-to-be, feel free to share these calendars with them! I would love to add a little joy to their special day. 


Looking forward to sharing more little joys with you soon!


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