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A Key Factor in Accomplishing Goals

Anyone who knows me well knows that I love planners! I never used a planner until I was in college. While I was trying to keep track of classes, work, homework, and extra activities at my university, I felt as if I couldn’t live without my planner. In fact, my friends often joked with me, asking what would happen if I lost it (I never wanted to think about that…)! It played a huge role in helping me complete everything that I needed to get done. Through this, I learned that a key factor in accomplishing goals is intentionally setting them.


Intentional Goal Setting

One of the best ways to practice setting goals is by writing them down – I don’t just mean your end goal, but also how you plan to reach it. What individual steps do you need to take? How much time do you have for each step? What are small victories you can mark along the way? A goal is often much easier to achieve when it is broken it down into small parts. This allows you to better gauge your progress and to be motivated by the accomplishments along the way.

Make a List

Even before I discovered my love for planners, I was a list-maker. There is something incredibly satisfying to me about making a list of things I need to get done, seeing it all in front of me, and then physically crossing each one off the list as it is accomplished. I’m not talking about tapping a checkmark on a smartphone to-do list. I’m talking about the feeling of pen on paper – crossing an item off of my list. To me, that’s the satisfaction of a completed goal.

Use a Planner

The main reason I decided to design the Laude 2018 Planner (and the way I formatted it) was rooted in this list-making-goal-setting passion. Even though I have been out of college for several years, I still use a planner every week. Now, instead of class schedules and homework assignments, my lists usually consist of things like cleaning the house, meal planning, exercising, and of course, designing!

Every week, I try to sit down on Sunday afternoon and plan out the days ahead. This not only prepares me mentally for everything I need to accomplish in the next 7 days, but it also helps me to avoid feeling overwhelmed and reminds me that the 201,829,445 things that need to happen that week don’t have to be done in one day.

Now, you may not think like this and work this way at all, and that’s ok! I am not writing this to make you feel like an unorganized person. I’m writing this to share the little joy that comes from setting goals each week. Honestly, the one thing that often keeps me from accomplishing a goal is starting to work on it. If I set my goals for the week and determine when I am going to work on them, starting isn’t so hard and those goals are much more likely to get accomplished!


Have you set goals for the new month? Try it out and see what you can achieve!


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