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Three Motivativing Factors to Pursue a Goal

Building a website — it’s one of those goals I had on my to-do list for a long time, but kept putting off. I knew it would a huge investment and commitment, but the idea never seemed to leave my to-do list. In fact, I had been wanting to build a website before Laude Designs even existed. So what finally motivated me move this goal from an idea to a pursuit?

Previously, I talked about intentionally setting goals and using a planner to accomplish those goals. But one topic I didn’t touch on before is what actually moves a goal from an idea to a pursuit. Today, I want to share with you three things that motivate me to pursue a goal.


The Challenge

Reaching a goal can be challenging! This factor can actually keep goals from ever being more than an idea. A person may feel afraid of the challenge that lies between her and her accomplishment. Pursuing a goal often means utilizing resources, whether that be financial, emotional, relational, mental, or time, energy, and personal comfort. The list of resources effected could be overwhelming Рespecially if a person fears that she will not have enough of the resources needed to reach her goal.

For me, the challenge is part of what motivates me to pursue my goals. Instead of looking at my limited resources in fear, I have learned that I can look at them as a way to creatively use what I have to my best ability. When I have this perspective, I find that I have more resources than I thought I did to begin with. With the right outlook, a challenge can be a turned into a motivation.


The Crowd

AH peer pressure! It’s easy to think of peer pressure as a negative thing. Although it definitely has negative aspects to it, peer pressure can also be a really helpful motivator. Let’s be honest, most creatives have their own website – at least, the ones I follow do! I never want to pursue a goal “just because everyone else is doing it,” but part of keeping up with those in my field means learning from what they do and how they maintain their business.

In addition to that, my peers are not only my fellow makers, but also my clients! There is only so much a buyer can learn about a maker or a product through an Etsy shop or social media stream. I don’t know about you, but I always look to see if a restaurant, store, or business has a website before I visit or make a purchase. Before now, if a client searched for my website, she wouldn’t find one, and that could have been a lost opportunity – which leads me to my third and final motivator.


The Contingency

Everyone likes the idea of a new opportunity, and that’s really what pursuing a goal is in a nutshell. Whether it’s an opportunity to learn something, meet new people, or gain a new skill, a goal has the word “opportunity” written all over it.

For me, setting out to build a website was a great learning opportunity – especially being in the field of design. What better way to learn HTML, coding, and layout strategy than to practice it? Not only that, but what future opportunities will open up for my small business by having a website? I can grow my client base, write blog posts, keep an organized portfolio…the list is endless. If I never pursued my goal of building a website, I could have missed countless opportunities.


What motivates you to pursue your goals? Take time to think through which factors inspire you and hinder you from putting an idea into action. You never know where it might lead!


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