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One Year of Laude Designs

Laude Designs is officially one year old! On May 4th, we celebrated one year since I started Laude Designs. The past year has held countless learning opportunities, new ventures, failures, and victories. This week, I wanted to share some highlights from the first year – complete with a big announcement…


Laude Designs launched by opening its Etsy shop on May 4, selling printable floral art prints and digital wallpaper.
Laude’s second print collection was launched in July. These prints were inspired by a quilt I found at Jane Austen’s home museum while on a summer trip in England.

In August, I expanded beyond art prints and digital wallpaper by launching Laude’s first printable weekly planner! During this time, I began shifting the focus of my shop from art prints to paper products and calendars.
September welcomed Fall, which inspired another new pattern collection. The “Autumn Leaves” collection gave me a way to expand Laude’s designs beyond florals, while still keeping a cohesive look to the brand.

October was a big month for Laude! The first change was marked by expanding my art designs beyond digital download prints to shipping printed copies out to customers. This opened the door for me to learn how to package and ship products all around the world.
Next, I launched my second calendar design in October – the Perpetual Calendar Date Keeper! What started as a custom request from a friend has now become a top seller in my shop.

Another item launched in October – blank note cards! I took seven of my designs and printed them on linen card stock to offer a new way for others to share little joys!
As 2017 came to an end, November welcomed another new calendar design for the upcoming new year. These monthly calendars continue to be a popular item in my shop, even though we are almost halfway through 2018!

The next big launch in November was the 2018 weekly planner! After weeks of formatting and production research, I took the design of my printable planners and offered it printed and bound.
At the end of November, Laude Designs had its first booth at a local craft fair! I learned so much preparing for the fair and loved interacting in person with customers for the first time. The fair was focused specifically on small businesses, so it was the perfect venue begin with!

In December, I took on my first social media challenge – the 25 days of Christmas! From December 1-25, I completed a festive craft or art piece each day and shared it on my social media pages. The challenge  helped me to expand my creative thinking and opened up new opportunities to reach my social media followers.
The beginning of a new year brought another new venture for Laude – the Joy Collective Newsletter! My first newsletter was launched on the first Monday in January and this week, I sent out my 18th issue!

My next new design was also launched in January – custom monogrammed journals and notepads! This was my first time building a complete alphabet by hand and also brought the first fully customizable item to Laude’s shop.
January also marked our 100th sale in the shop! Although 100 sales may seem like a small amount, it was a huge victory. Little did I know that our next 100 sales would happen within just 4 months!

February brought another new venture for Laude Designs as I signed my first consignment contract with a local boutique, Sunnyside Merchantile. I have loved having the opportunity to sell art prints and cards locally and partner with another small business.
After receiving several custom orders from brides who were looking for a larger Perpetual Calendar format to use for their wedding guest books, I decided to format and launch an official Wedding Guest Book Calendar in my shop at the end of February.

In March, I took on my second social media challenge – March Meet the Maker. This challenge came with 31 days of picture prompts – some which were more challenging than others! It was another great way to interact with my social media followers on a daily basis.
After months of deliberating, I finally decided to build and launch my own website in April. Although it was huge undertaking, it has been one of the best decisions I have made since starting Laude Designs!

And finally, it is once again May. So what is the big announcement?? We celebrated Laude’s first birthday by reaching a goal I had set several months ago for myself – 200 sales! The past year has taught me more than I could ever write in a newsletter. I never imagined Laude would come as far as it has in a year. I can’t wait to see what year 2 brings!

Many thanks to those who have faithfully followed, supported, and encouraged me over this last year! Without you, there would be no Laude Designs!

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