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The Golden Question

“What are you going to do with that?” It was the “golden question” that rang through my ears for over four years. When I decided to study counseling for my bachelors degree, few people understood the purpose. I get it – most people go to college to study a skill for a future career. I went to college to study a skill that I knew wouldn’t lead to a career at all. I didn’t expect others to understand it.

For years, I couldn’t answer the golden question. There were even times when I asked it myself. I wish I could say that I went through all four years of college without doubting my major, but I cannot. So why did I stick with it? I chose to study counseling for my undergrad degree. I had no specific future career of interest when I began college, but one of the biggest desires I did have was to learn more about God, His Creation, and His Word. With that desire in mind, counseling was the perfect major for me.

Now, two years postgrad, I have to admit – the crowd was right. When I walked away with my diploma, I didn’t have a job lined up. But what the crowd didn’t know was that, while I did not have a career-ready degree, I had a life-ready degree. I use the skills and lessons from my counseling degree every day because every day I interact with God, His Creation, and His Word.

Facing the Crowd

So why am I bringing this up now? I’ve been thinking about this a lot over the last few weeks as I have begun a formal design job and as Laude continues to grow. A new “golden question” is now asked: “Do you wish you had studied graphic design in college to better prepare yourself for your job?” Of course, formal training would have cut back on all the time I have spent teaching myself design over the last two years. But even then, my answer to this question is “no.”

No, I’m still so thankful I studied counseling. I wholeheartedly believe that studying the Creator and His Creation for a full four years led me to be a maker. My studies grew within me a deeper desire to pursue being a maker in the image of my Maker. Pursuing art was how my mind and heart responded in worship to the amazing Creator God I serve when I learned about Him and His creation on such a deep level. At the end of the day, counseling did lead me to my vocation after all. And when I see that complicated puzzle of sovereignty so beautifully knit together, my heart resounds all the more in praise to my God.

If God had told me six years ago that one day I would make a living as an artist and designer, surely, I would have studied art. But He had more for me to learn about Him first before I could be the artist I am today. He led me to study counseling and asked me to wait several years before I would begin to understand it.

What is the “golden question” from the crowd that you face today? Don’t be afraid of it. Your job is not to prove the crowd wrong. Your job is to pursue whole-heartedly what you have been called to do and let the Sovereign King weave all the pieces together.

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