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Creative Living: Food

Over the next few weeks, I want to share with you three ways that I express creativity in daily life apart from art and design – food, home, & style. My goal in doing this is to motivate you – even those of you who say you’re “not creative” – to look for the little joys of creativity in your daily life and surroundings.

If you know me well, you probably know about my love for good food. I don’t just mean good in taste (although that is a big part of it), but I also mean good in quality, nutrition, and color. Growing up, I was happy with a meal if it included bread and satisfied with a dessert if it was paired with ice cream. But as I got older, I faced several health problems that were linked to the food I was eating. It was then that I began to realize the impact food and nutrition has on my daily life – my energy, strength, and general ability to function.

As I saw how much the quality and nutrition of food impacted my life, my interest in learning about food began to grow. This curiosity fully peaked when I got married in 2016. I now had to choose food, not just for myself, but also for my husband. I didn’t want to live a healthy life on my own, I wanted him to be healthy too. I dove into books on nutrition and learned a lot about how food benefits/impacts our bodies. I could write a whole article about that, but really what I want to share is the joy of being creative with food.

American culture has lost its grip on quality food. In one of the books I read, I learned that the grocery budget for most American families is the smallest allotted amount in their list of expenses. Trust me – I am all for shopping sales and using coupons, but this fact shocked me. Food is what gives us life, strength, and health. Why are we investing the least amount of our resources in it?

Now, two years into marriage, the more I cook, the more I notice my love for creativity coming out in how I prepare food. I love seeing what flavor and color combinations I can mix together when I create a meal. Whether you are tossing together red, green, purple, and orange vegetables on a roasting pan or blending spices and textures of liquids to form a sauce simmering on the stove – that is not just cooking, that’s creativity!  Let’s be real – I rarely have time to make a “work of art” for dinner. But in my mind, if I am going to take time to prepare food, why not prepare something worth my time – something that truly benefits my health and body.

Don’t get me wrong, my love for ice cream, bread, and other treats (did I say ice cream?) is still very strong and I enjoy those things regularly in moderation. But God has created so many diverse colors and flavors in the foods He has provided for us – why not explore and use them? See what colorful fruits and vegetables you can mix together, try shaping your baked goods in a creative way, explore different cultures and food types when you travel. Just like every other area of creativity – we find satisfaction and joy in beautiful things.

God has given us the ability to create wholesome food – food the tastes, looks, and does our bodies good – and to enjoy it. What a gift that is! Find little joys in creating with food today.

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