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Creative Living: Home

Last week, I began a new series on the ways that I express creativity in daily life. I started out by talking about the joy of creating good food – not just in taste, but also quality, nutrition, and color. This week, I want to touch on another creative topic – home. To be honest, decorating my home in this current phase of life has been a challenge! When I got married and moved into my husband’s “bachelor” apartment back in the Fall of 2016, it was pretty much a blank slate. As I began to decorate, it didn’t take me long to realize that crafting a home is not something that can be done overnight. In fact, it is a rather long process. You might be motivated by the idea of taking time to piece together each room of your home or you may feel overwhelmed by it. I was definitely the latter!


Time + Patience

As much as I wanted our space to be decorated right away, I also wanted to invest in quality decor, and that was going to take time and patience. It would take time to visit thrift stores and watch for sales. It would take patience to wait for the right pieces and to work with the basics we already had in the meantime. I had to accept and embrace the fact that my house wouldn’t look like a Pinterest board right away. It would take time and patience for our house to become a home.


Temporary Spaces

Another reason decorating my home has been a challenge is because I know that our current space is temporary. We have yet to purchase a home to truly make our own. Because of that, it can be difficult to discern how much to invest in items that fit our current space when I know that we will not be here long-term.

During my first few months of marriage, I let this fact deplete my desire to fully decorate our apartment. But no matter how much I tried to push the desire aside, something within me just had to let my creativity spill out into our home. No matter how long you plan to live in a space, there is joy in making it your own.

With this desire to express creativity with decor, I had to ask myself an important question: How can I put my current space together in a way that feels like home without investing too many resources in it? Here are some creative tips that I discovered in answering that question…

  • Change around your decorations. There are certain rooms in my home that I spend a lot more time in than others. Because of this, there are some decorations and pieces that I rarely get to enjoy. Recently, I refreshed our living room by switching out the wall decor with some pieces that I had in our bedroom. I didn’t have to go out and buy all new art – I simply changed around what I already had and added in one new piece. It was amazing how such a simple switch completely rejuvenated our main living space.
  • Bring in plants to add color and texture. For as much as I love flowers, I don’t have a very green thumb. But with the few plants I have been able to keep alive, I have been amazed at the way they add color and texture to the decor of a space. Whether it is a potted plant or a simple floral bouquet from the market, plants are an easy way to decorate a space without making an investment in a piece of art or furniture.
  • Invest in pieces that you know can be used in the future. If you do want to make an investment, do it on things that can also be used in a future space – specifically items that can be repurposed. For example, I have been on the search for a new piece of wall decor to fill an empty space in our kitchen. I came across a geometric tray at a thrift store that easily doubled as wall art. I knew that it would fit the empty space I have right now, but could also be used as a tray in the future if I didn’t have a place for it on a wall in our next home.  


Whether you put decor together quickly or slowly, or if you’re in a permanent or short-term space, you can make any house a home with time and creativity. See what little joys you can find in expressing creativity through your home today!

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