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Creative Living: Style

It has been a little while since I wrote the last two parts of my series on Creative Living, so here is a quick recap… The purpose of this series is to share three ways that I express creativity in daily life apart from art and design in order to encourage you to look for little joys in your daily life and surroundings. So far, I have shared the ways that I express creativity in food and through my home. Today, in the final part to my series, I want to talk about the most personal way I express creativity – style.

Let’s face it, I doubt that you could find two people who have the exact same style. Sure, a person may group his/herself into a style category with others, but when it comes down to the individual expression of style, each person is different. Because of that, I am not writing to tell you how you should express your creativity in what you wear. Instead, I want to share a few tips that I have found helpful as I have sought to express creativity in my style.


Two By Two

Obviously, as a pattern designer, I love patterns. On top of that, I also love mixing patterns. There are a lot of ways that mixing patterns can go wrong, but when it is the right combination, those little patterns work together to create a big pattern. Some of my favorite pattern combinations are combining stripes + florals or two different florals together. Sometimes it can be hard to decide how to mix patterns. A few years ago, I came up with a simple method for building an outfit – Two by twotwo patterns + two main colors. Some people can pull off more than two patterns and two main colors at once, but two works best for me.

In the photo on the right, I chose two differing floral patterns in my shirt and shoes. Separated by my jeans, this is a very subtle pattern mix. My two main colors are black and blue with accents of pink.

In the photo on the left, I mixed a floral and a stripe. These patterns are separated by the solid colors of my shirt and pants, making it another subtle mixture. The main colors are blue and green, with the accent colors in the necklace. I am usually pretty minimal with my jewelry, but I LOVE a great statement necklace. This particular necklace is fabric and beads strung together. It’s a great staple piece that goes with many outfits.


Style Takes Time

Similarly to decorating a home, forming your own style takes time. It takes time to build a wardrobe of staple and accent pieces. It takes time to learn what colors and patterns work best for you. It takes time.

I honestly don’t know what style “category” I would lump myself into. But I love putting together outfits because it is a way that I can express creativity outside of my art and design work. There is joy found in bringing separate pieces together to create a complete outfit.


The Gift of Style

As a Christian, I have an even deeper perspective to consider when it comes to style. Originally, clothing was created as a result of sin (Genesis 3). Yet, the Lord has allowed what we wear to be influenced by our innate ability to be creative. Overtime, men and women have learned how to make countless fabrics, textures, patterns, and styles of clothing. We could still be covering ourselves with just animal skin, as God did in the beginning with Adam and Eve! What a gift God has given us to have the ability to reflect His image as Creator, even in an area of life that was originally a result of sinfulness. To me, that is a beautiful thought and motivates me all the more to learn how I can reflect and glorify my Creator through creating.

Whether it is through art and design, food, home, style, or any other area of life – seek to find little joys of creativity in your daily life and surroundings today.

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