About Kate

Hey there, I’m Kate!

Most days you can find me designing and running a small business while keeping up with life alongside my husband, Michael. I am passionate about my relationship with God, investing in people, creating bright + colorful designs, and making (and enjoying!) good food.

I believe that I was created to be creative in the image of my Creator. My goal is to use design to share with others the joy I find in creation and day-to-day life. I design products for people who desire to organize their life in a beautiful and inspiring way by providing them with tools to set goals, stay organized, and share joy with others.

My husband and I currently reside in New England. Michael is an accountant by trade and is a huge help to me in running my small business. He assists me in countless areas, from managing finances, to the production phase of my products, and so much in between!

My planners have been featured on Home Beautifully and have been shared by Honeybook. I have sold my designs to customers in over 8 countries and across the USA. You can find my products in my online shop or in stores throughout the Southeast, including Sunnyside Mercantile and CLT Find.

In addition to running my small business, I also work in marketing and graphic design for a local nonprofit organization. Along with my previous professional roles, this has given me the opportunity to learn the art of print and graphic design, the importance of high attention to detail, social media marketing strategy, and alllll the ins-and-outs of the Adobe Creative Suite.


About Laude Designs

So, you might be wondering, where did Laude Designs begin?

In May 2016, I graduated from a liberal arts university with my Bachelors in Counseling and Communication. I knew that I wanted to use counseling as a ministry, but I still wasn’t sure how my desire to help people fit into my daily work. It was during that time that I began to pursue my long-time passion of design (read more about that here).

I was introduced to graphic design at a young age by my mom, who was a web designer. Growing up, I would often “play” on her Photoshop software, making graphics, banners, and prints – just for fun. In addition to that, I used much of my free time during my teen years to craft handmade cards, paper collages, and decorations. From an early age, I recognized the joy of making – bringing small pieces together to create something new and finding beauty in it.

The more this joy was rekindled within me, the more I wanted to design. My love for making has always been as equally great as my love for people. Suddenly, I realized that I could connect the two together. From that, I began Laude Designs!

“Laude,” comes from the Latin root “laetus” or “laus,” meaning joy and praise. My desire is to share little joys with others through paper products, patterns, and prints. Specifically, by creating calendars and planners, I seek to teach people to be intentional with the life they have been given – to set goals and to make the most of their time by being organized and purposeful – all while recognizing the beauty and joy that is around them every day. To me, this is what “laude” truly means.

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