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    One Year of Laude Designs

    Laude Designs is officially one year old! On May 4th, we celebrated one year since I started Laude Designs. The past year has held countless learning opportunities, new ventures, failures, and victories. This week, I wanted to share some highlights from the first year – complete with a big announcement…   Many thanks to those who have faithfully followed, supported, and encouraged me over this last year! Without you, there would be no Laude Designs!

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    The Value of Rest

    Most weeks, my to-do list seems endless, and last week was no exception. I hit the ground running on Monday with a full schedule, but my plans quickly came to a halt as sickness forced me to stop and rest. Although that rest seemed inconvenient at first, it gave me time to reflect on the last year of running Laude Designs and the real reason my small shop has made it this far.   50% of small businesses close within the first five years. I have read that statistic countless times since I started Laude Designs last Spring. I can’t imagine Laude failing after the amount of work I have put into it in…

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    Three Motivativing Factors to Pursue a Goal

    Building a website — it’s one of those goals I had on my to-do list for a long time, but kept putting off. I knew it would a huge investment and commitment, but the idea never seemed to leave my to-do list. In fact, I had been wanting to build a website before Laude Designs even existed. So what finally motivated me move this goal from an idea to a pursuit? Previously, I talked about intentionally setting goals and using a planner to accomplish those goals. But one topic I didn’t touch on before is what actually moves a goal from an idea to a pursuit. Today, I want to…

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    The Newest Wedding Guestbook Idea

    Weddings – from social media, to TV, to magazine advertisements, weddings are all around us! I often have the opportunity create for weddings through invitation and program design. But over the last few months I have been able to take part in a new way – wedding guestbooks! One difficult aspect of working in the field of design is keeping up with the latest creative trends. Every maker has a different way of finding what their audience is looking for. Sometimes, you have to take a complete guess – you create a product and find out whether or not it’s a hit simply by the amount of sales you get.…

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    One Strategy 850 People Are Trying to Learn

    Some weeks, running a small creative business doesn’t involve a lot of creativity. Last week was one of those weeks. Although my to-do list was full, it mostly involved administrative work – spreadsheets, inventory logs, and research. All of this work seemed to center around one main topic: social media. Let’s be honest, we all have friends who have abused social media with their small business endeavors, no matter how good their intentions. When I started Laude Designs, I did not want to be that person. I did not want to force anyone to support or follow my business, whether they were already my friends or not. Because of that,…