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    One Year of Laude Designs

    Laude Designs is officially one year old! On May 4th, we celebrated one year since I started Laude Designs. The past year has held countless learning opportunities, new ventures, failures, and victories. This week, I wanted to share some highlights from the first year – complete with a big announcement…   Many thanks to those who have faithfully followed, supported, and encouraged me over this last year! Without you, there would be no Laude Designs!

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    One Strategy 850 People Are Trying to Learn

    Some weeks, running a small creative business doesn’t involve a lot of creativity. Last week was one of those weeks. Although my to-do list was full, it mostly involved administrative work – spreadsheets, inventory logs, and research. All of this work seemed to center around one main topic: social media. Let’s be honest, we all have friends who have abused social media with their small business endeavors, no matter how good their intentions. When I started Laude Designs, I did not want to be that person. I did not want to force anyone to support or follow my business, whether they were already my friends or not. Because of that,…